What Are the Differences Between Xeomin and Botox?

What Are the Differences Between Xeomin and Botox

There has never been a better time to get cosmetic work done, as non-invasive cosmetic procedures have made it more widely available. Injectables can be used to provide softer skin and a more refreshed appearance. Some of today’s most sought-after injectable cosmetic procedures include Xeomin and Botox.

You’ve probably heard of Botox if you’ve kept up with modern aesthetic trends. Injecting Botox into your face can reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, but did you know that another product can do the same thing? Xeomin is yet another anti-aging remedy available today.

Though Xeomin and Botox share certain similarities, there are important distinctions to bear in mind. In this blog post, we will analogize and distinguish the two options so you can choose the most practical option for your needs. But first, what makes Xeomin and Botox similar? 

Similarities Between Xeomin And Botox

The methods used for Botox and Xeomin are practically identical. Both are similarly priced and effective, requiring injections into the face to work. To the patient, there is no distinction between the two.

Injectable Xeomin temporarily reduces muscle activity in the treatment area, and the FDA approved it in 2010. On the other hand, Botox is a cosmetic injection that the FDA has licensed since 2002; nevertheless, the formula for Botox has been used since 1989 for various medical purposes. Similarly, in 2010, Botox was given the green light to treat and prevent severe migraines.

Both of these injections include botulinum toxin, the same toxin responsible for the paralysis that can be contracted from ingesting tainted food. Despite being poisons, they have various applications in healthcare. Medical professionals employ botulinum toxin preparations to treat strabismus, overactive bladder, and blepharospasm. Of course, these are only a handful of the many possible uses of this concept.

Once Botox or Xeomin has been injected, you might expect to see results within a week. The effects of these injections may last from three to six months, depending on the individual.

Differences Between Xeomin And Botox

Despite their uses and chemistry similarities, Botox and Xeomin are not interchangeable. The two look identical on the surface yet conceal differentiating medical or aesthetic applications. Differences between Botox and Xeomin include the following:


Although both are based on botulinum neurotoxin, there are subtle differences between the two. Botox is a combination of botulinum and other chemicals. Sodium chloride and botulinum toxin type A are the two main components of each Botox vial; other chemicals and proteins may also be present.

However, Xeomin is uncomplicated; it is so barebones that it has earned the nickname “naked” neurotoxin. Due to its single component, botulinum, Xeomin is known by this name. Because Xeomin is so easily absorbed, the patient can develop less tolerance to it over time. Also, since there is just one ingredient, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is low.

Over time, however, individuals who regularly receive Botox injections build up a tolerance to the treatment, and the cosmetic benefits begin to wear off.

Treatment Results And Effectiveness

The outcomes of treatment are another area where Botox and Xeomin differ. Patients will notice a change in their facial structure three days after receiving Botox. However, Xeomin patients will notice results five days after treatment, while Botox patients only need to wait for four.

The length of these therapies, however, is comparable. A single treatment with Botox or Xeomin in a targeted location can have effects that continue for three to six months. Sometimes even up to a whole year.

Botox and Xeomin are safe and effective for use all over the face, but Xeomin really shines on the glabella (the area between the eyebrows). However, frown lines between the eyebrows and wrinkles respond well to Botox.


Users report that Xeomin often costs $425, whereas Botox typically costs $550. The low cost of Xeomin is due to the drug’s portability and storage convenience.

Since Xeomin contains botulinum, the manufacturing, shipping, and storing processes are far more streamlined than for Botox. Unlike Botox, which must be refrigerated before use, Xeomin doesn’t require a cold storage facility by aestheticians.

In terms of both production and management, simpler is better. Also, it’s less vulnerable to various other unknown factors.


When comparing the two brands, Botox is the winner. In contrast to the widespread familiarity with Botox, which has been used cosmetically since 2002, Xeomin was green-lighted for that purpose in 2012.

Originating as medical tools, Botox and Xeomin have proven their worth in the medical community. Botox has been used in medical procedures to treat sports injuries and other ailments. At the same time, Xeomin is prescribed to people suffering from persistent drooling in youngsters, cervical dystonia, arm stiffness, and muscle spasms.


If you’ve opted to get Botox or Xeomin, the process is simple and requires little to no effort.

First, the area that will receive the injection will be sterilized. The aesthetician will additionally mark the injection sites as a guide. The injection causes minimal discomfort, but they’ll use ice packs or numbing crème to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible.

Then, they’ll use a tiny needle to inject Xeomin or Botox into the predetermined spots. The time required varies from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the number of problem spots.

The treatment itself is simple, but the follow-up care might be challenging. For the next four hours, please stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your head held high. Similarly, you will only be able to engage in physically demanding tasks for several days.


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