Dermaplaning Pocahontas, IA

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive and safe exfoliation treatment that gently scrapes dull surface cells and vellus hair. Your skin’s texture will be enhanced and smoothed as the blades gently exfoliate the area, resulting in fewer blemishes. Excess vellus hair can clog your pores or produce blackheads because of the oil accumulation in the follicles. This is an excellent procedure to keep your pores clear from impurities.

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Diminishes vellus hair
  • Deep exfoliation and preps your skin for other procedures
  • Ultra-smooth skin
  • Cosmetics blend seamlessly

Injection Options

The Treatment

Reveal new radiant-looking skin with a customized dermaplaning procedure. The increased cell production encourages skincare products to absorb into the inner layers of your skin more effectively. First, we cleanse and dry your skin. Then, we gently scrape the surface layer of your skin, which diminishes dull skin cells and peach fuzz. A fantastic advantage of Dermaplaning is that it stimulates new cell growth. The procedure usually lasts twenty to thirty minutes and can be stand-alone or added to other services. We recommend scheduling monthly sessions for optimal results.


This exfoliation treatment targets the face, beneath the chin, and sides of the neck.

Your skin will appear brighter the same day of treatment.

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