Does Emsculpt neo actually work?

Does Emsculpt neo actually work

Diet and exercise alone may not be enough for anyone to get the body they want. The truth is that most of us are genetically programmed to carry fat in certain places, and it is impossible to build defined muscle.

Many non-surgical body contouring treatments can help people who have trouble getting rid of stubborn fat or getting their muscles to stand out. Until now, most of these systems were only made to build muscle or burn fat during a session. 

But the newest EmSculpt NEO system is the first and only FDA-approved non-surgical body contouring system that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce fat and build muscle simultaneously. 

Med Spa Express is here to help and guide you about Emsculpt Neo. See what this treatment is about and how it can help you work things out!

Emsculpt Neo

Med Spa Express presents EMSculpt Neo treatment as a flexible way to kill fat cells. This method is not limited in any way. It is the first device to send out radiofrequency and HIFEM+ beams. 

With this binary device, you can eliminate fat cells and tone your muscles immediately. There is no need for surgery or a long recovery time. Your treatment is made just for you and your needs. Get tighter skin and a body that is slimmer in a way that lasts.

Among the benefits of this treatment are the following:

  • Treatment can be used in many different ways.
  • Makes and shapes muscles
  • Reduces fat cells
  • It makes your features stand out more.
  • Strengthens the arms, legs, and middle.
  • Provides moderate tightening
  • Destroys fat cells

It works by radiofrequency pulses targeting the tissue, tightening the skin, and getting rid of fat during an EMSculpt Neo session. The RF beams also gently heat the muscles, which prepares them to take in all electromagnetic waves. 

The HIFEM beams make muscles move, which shapes the area being treated. It has the same effect as working out very hard. Each treatment area takes thirty minutes to go through the process. You might need treatments once a week until you get the best results.

How Emsculpt Neo Works and Helps

Suppose you’re still wondering how Emsculpt Neo Works. Here’s the usual process. Let’s dig in deeper. 

Build up your muscle mass

Clinic tests have shown that the EmSculpt NEO system can help you gain up to 25% more muscle in your hardest-to-work muscles. By delivering HIFEM energy, you can strengthen and build muscle mass to get a definition that isn’t possible with strength training alone.

HIFEM technology uses powerful electromagnetic energy to stimulate supramaximal contractions in specific muscle groups. This harmless stimulation makes your muscles work, giving you better muscle tone, more defined muscles, and more strength without needing more exercise.

A Step To Body Sculpting

EmSculpt is the best way for men and women worldwide to shape their bodies without surgery. The new EmSculpt NEO system takes the science of shaping the body without surgery to a new level.

More People Prefer Emsculpt Neo

Since body contouring technology has improved, you can use the NEO sculpting system on a much more comprehensive range of patients. Men and women with BMI of 35 can get this new kind of treatment. This system has been shown to help people lose fat and build muscle in many common problem areas.

Seeing Results Faster

The innovative EmSculpt NEO machine gives you two treatments at once to see results faster. Each session doesn’t need special preparation or recovery time so that it won’t get in the way of your daily life. 

Every EmSculpt NEO body-contouring session is customized to give you the best results and make it easier to get the body you want.

EmSculpt vs EmSculpt NEO

Both ways to shape your body can help you gain muscle mass and lose body fat simultaneously. The most significant difference between these systems is their technology to tone and shape your body and the results you can get from each session.

The traditional EmSculpt device uses non-invasive electromagnetic technology (HIFEM®) to cause muscle contractions in your target areas. As your muscles get stronger and bigger without much effort, your body starts to burn fat in the area on its own.

The new EmSculpt NEO is the first and only body sculpting system on the market that uses two types of therapies to target both muscle growth and fat loss in a single treatment. 

EmSculpt NEO reduces fat and builds muscle simultaneously in one session by putting the power of these two treatments into one machine.

Areas to be treated:

  • Abdomen: Get rid of fat and tighten your skin while building more muscle in your stomach.
  • Buttocks: Shape and lift your buttocks while you strengthen the muscles in your glutes.
  • Arms: Tightening loose skin and building muscle in the triceps and biceps.
  • Legs: Work on your thighs to lose fat and gain power.
  • Calves: Work out your calves to change their shape and size while getting more robust.

Who Benefits From EMSculpt Neo?

Since EMSculpt Neo has become the industry leader in reducing fat and toning muscles simultaneously, it is perfect for patients who want to change their bodies as quickly as possible. It is a good choice for people with a little more fat to lose because of how well it burns fat.


Even though EMSculpt Neo is better for most people in building muscle and getting rid of fat, classic EMSculpt is a better choice if you need to lose less fat. 

The standard EMSculpt treatment is much better for people with extra fat that you can pinch on their love handles or a thin layer of fat that hides their six-pack. 

If you work out often but want to make your body look more sculpted and defined, classic EMSculpt is a better choice. It will strengthen your muscles and core and help you get rid of those annoying pockets of fat.

Reserving The Best Care

Booking a consultation with one of our expert clinicians is the best way to determine if EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo is suitable for you. During the consultation, we can look at the parts of your body you want to change, listen to your body goals, and look at how you live. 

This lets our practitioners figure out if you’re a good fit for each treatment and develop a plan that will give you the best results. Learn more about how EMSculpt Neo can help you. You can also call our clinic at 712-538-0411. See you here around Med Spa Express!


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