IV vitamin therapy Pocahontas IA

PRX PRX PRX is a biorevitalization treatment that is great for acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and pores. The best part? There’s no downtime! PRX is a biorevitalization treatment that is great for acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and pores. The best part there is No downtime! Series of 6 required for […]

Sofwave non-invasive face lift

Sofwave non invasive face lift Pocahontas IA

Sofwave non-invasive face lift Pocahontas, IA We are proud to be the very first & only provider in the state of Iowa to offer Sofwave. Sofwave is a revolutionary treatment that uses SUPERB technology to stimulate HA, Collagen & Elastin. It is one of the only devices on the market that is FDA approved to […]

Biote Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy

Biote bio identical hormone replacement therapy Pocahontas IA

Biote Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy Pocahontas, IA We offer naturally derived hormone pellets to help both men & women who struggle with: fatigue, low energy levels, decreased libido, muscle/joint pain, pre-menstrual headaches, Vaginal dryness, trouble sleeping, difficulty losing weight & more. Book Now ⟶ Infusion Options Myer’s Infusion The gold standard for delivering IV vitamins […]

Comprehensive Lab Draws

Comprehensive lab draws Pocahontas IA

Comprehensive Lab Draws Pocahontas, IA We offer comprehensive lab draws to take a deeper look at potential vitamin/trace mineral deficiencies, thyroid issues & hormonal issues you may be enduring based on symptoms you’re having. We also offer a comprehensive consult with plans for how to correct abnormalities Book Now ⟶ Infusion Options Myer’s Infusion The […]

Medicated Weightloss Program

Medicated Weightloss Program Pocahontas IA

Medicated Weightloss Program Pocahontas, IA Info: Our goal at Med Spa Express is to help you be the best version of yourself inside & out. We know how challenging weight loss can be & we are here to help! First steps: Initial consult required where you’ll get labs, review medical history & see if you […]

Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Pocahontas IA

Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Pocahontas, IA Thermiva is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is non-surgical and uses RF (radiofrequency) to tighten vaginal tissues. This treatment enhances the labia to improve the cosmetic appearance that has changed due to age, menopause, and childbirth. The treatment also helps to improve vaginal laxity and tighten and improve the appearance […]

Emtone Cellulite and Skin Tightening Treatment

Emtone cellulite and skin tghtening treatment Pocahontas IA

Emtone Cellulite and Skin Tightening Treatment Pocahontas, IA Almost 90% of the public, men and women, will have cellulite somewhere on their body and they will also need skin tightening treatments. Emtone is non-invasive, safe, FDA cleared for cellulite treatment and emits a combination of radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. Emtone will reduce the cottage […]

MICC Injections

MICC injections Pocahontas IA

MICC Injections Pocahontas, IA MICC Injections provide your body with natural nutrients administered intramuscularly into your system. Administering intramuscularly has a higher bioavailability, meaning the injections are absorbed and metabolized by the body at a higher percentage than oral pills. B Complex offers a variety of health benefits, including: Boosting stamina Increasing metabolism to aid in […]


Massage Pocahontas IA

Massage Treatment Pocahontas, IA Revive and relax your muscles with a massage. Rejuvenate your joint health and boost your natural immunity with a customized deep tissue or pregnancy massage. Clinical studies have shown that massages relieve mild aches, sciatica, leg cramps, headaches, stress, and swelling. We specialize in giving you a relaxing massage treatment proven […]

EMSculpt Neo

EMSculpt Neo Pocahontas IA

EMSculpt Neo Pocahontas, IA EMSculpt Neo is a flexible treatment that destroys fat cells. There are no limitations to this procedure. It’s the first applicator to emit radiofrequency and HIFEM+ beams. This binary device allows you to diminish fat cells and get toned muscles instantly. No surgery or complex recovery is necessary. Your treatment is […]

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